Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hye guys ..
And girls (:
In a short term ,
READERS lah easy ..

Hye hye hye hye hye .

I don't have much time to write this blog ,
I still feel I HAVE to write it .  

this entry just about him..

 The way I'd describe him :
Handsome (well that's obvious)
Someone you simply won't have the guts to get mad at ; even if you freaking want to (if you're living in my shoes you'll know why)
And very VERY kind-hearted . 

God .
I don't want it to be like before .
Please don't .
I just don't want to .

Please DON'T .
i want him to be the last..
 I think because I'm a bit afraid of losing him , making me conclude that I have to care of him more than I should've .

please show me the blessed..
give me strength to keep this relationship..
Amin Ya Rabb..

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